TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Releases Second Statement, Said JYP Harmed Nayeon By Lying About Him

“I just can live my life again, and together with Nayeon, if she likes me too.”

It was recently revealed that all the members of TWICE were under police protection and were provided with smartwatches so they could call for help immediately if a crisis situation were to occur.

Prior to the news of TWICE being under police protection broke, Nayeon‘s German stalker Josh released a video statement in which he said it was “fake news” that Nayeon would be scared to see him and that JYP Entertainment misled him by pretending to be on his side while assassinating his character.

Source: @YoshTG/Twitter

He stated multiple times that he would be seeking legal action against JYP Entertainment, saying that he would “do everything that I can to take legal actions against JYP Entertainment to get the truth out there.

Since releasing his initial statement video, which he intended to clarify his side of the story, he released a second video in which he reiterated many of his points in what he hoped was clearer and easier to understand.

I am doing this video here to make a few points more clear. Because I’m afraid if they came across incorrectly in my first video from yesterday.


Source: @YoshTG/Twitter

He maintains that the English-speaking staff from JYP Entertainment reassured him that they would give his gifts and letters to Nayeon and that they would reassure her that he was a good guy. As with the first video, Josh expressed his shock and disappointment at the staff doing a complete 180. In his video, he insisted that he was not given a verbal warning and that he was made to feel that they were on his side.

Out of context, they said, ‘If you come here, the second or third time, we might have to call the police.’ But it was more in the context of, ‘if you keep bothering and asking for Nayeon, and stuff’, which I completely understood. And, yesterday, I came not to bother, not to ask for Nayeon but to actually help them and to clarify the misunderstanding and to give them more of my contact details if they needed.


He shared that he felt baited and that JYP had given the police wrong information.

They really tried to strategically put me into a bad spotlight and they tried intentionally to destroy my reputation, and they are actively doing character assassination which is completely illegal.


He feels strongly that JYP Entertainment has destroyed their own reputation by “doing this illegal act” and he will be going up against them legally and plans to take them to court.

Not only did they try to destroy my reputation in front of the police but they trying to do it to everyone. They are spreading intentionally fake news and wrong information about me. They spread fake rumors about me on the Internet and stuff to the police, to the management, and most likely, it’s what I assume is most likely the case, to Nayeon and scare her and make her feel comfortable.


Josh insists that it is not him, but the company that is making Nayeon feel uncomfortable.

Two things that in my opinion are really immoral and really not justified and really just wrong… They are trying to damage me extremely and harm me extremely, and they are also, by doing that, also damaging or harming Nayeon because she is probably kinda scared.


He wants the opportunity to present his side of the story to her, whether it’s Facetiming or in person, and reaffirmed that he asked the police for Nayeon’s address.

I asked the police, ‘Do you have Nayeon’s address because I need to talk to her privately to, yeah, I don’t want her to be scared anymore.’ And, they told me, ‘No, we don’t have her address.’


Despite the warning from JYP Entertainment and the police, he is adamant that he needs to Facetime with Nayeon so she gets the “proper information” so she’s not “scared anymore“.

What JYP Entertainment did is clearly illegal and what I’m saying is completely the truth.


Josh said that he’s a good, moral person on the side of the law and that JYP Entertainment portraying him in a bad light as someone who doesn’t respect the law.

At the end, it’s just sad because I want to make Nayeon happy. I really want to make her happy and I feel like there’s a good chance I can make her happy and that she would like me to if she realizes how much it means to me and how much I would do for her. And, even if she doesn’t develop feelings me and her could be good friends.


He begins to get emotional, with his voice cracking, as he explained how sad he felt it was that JYP Entertainment was affecting him and Nayeon detrimentally.

JYP Entertainment goes as far as doing an illegal crime and do a character assassination against me.


Josh isn’t sure how long his charges will take and revealed that he will be talking to the German embassy on Monday about the situation. He also said that he plans to tell JYP Entertainment that they are harming one of their own artists (Nayeon) by spreading fake news about him.

They recorded my, secretly, my whole talk the first time. Probably even the second time, and that’s good for me, because I hope they can publish the full recording without taking things out of context—both times—because then people will see that JYP Entertainment are the liars and I’m not, and I’m the good person and they are the bad persons.


He expressed regret for not recording the conversations on his own so that he could have proof and allow people to form their own opinions about how JYP Entertainment “is lying“.

He ends the video insisting that he would never bully, harass, or stalk Nayeon or her mother and once again expressed his shock and disappointment over what he perceives as JYP Entertainment “harming Nayeon” by spreading lies about him.

Watch the whole video below: