TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Says “The Next Days Will Be Kinda Exhausting”, Upsets and Concerns Fans

“6:53am, haven’t slept yet, the next days will be kinda exhausting.”

TWICE Nayeon‘s stalker previously revealed he has no intention to leave Korea. His plan is to stay until he is able to “talk to Nayeon properly” and learn from her “whether she likes” him.

Source: asiachan

Since then, he has also publicly stated that he has a twin brother named Julius Auerbach. His revelation is at odds with his previous statement that he felt he needed to be careful of any information shared due to the threat of harm to him and his family.

As of December 27, the sasaeng posted on Twitter:

6:53am, haven’t slept yet, the next days will be kinda exhausting. BUT for some reason, whenever I walk outside hugging my bag with the gift inside, it gives me strength, it keeps me going and I know I will be able to deliver it to her some day. Hopefully soon. I love you Nayeon.”

Source: @YoshTG/Twitter

There is concern about what that means exactly, and fans have been discouraging one another from engaging with and encouraging the sasaeng from pursuing Nayeon. Not interacting with the stalker is the best course of action as they don’t recognize the thoughts and feelings of others as being valid.

If the sasaeng reaches out to you online or in-person during his search for Nayeon, you should immediately contact with any helpful information so they might pass it on to the proper authorities for investigation.