TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Revealed That There Have Been Threats Made Against Family, Begs For Help Contacting Her

“Please realize that I am a good person.”

TWICE Nayeon‘s sasaeng fan, Josh, released yet another update to his YouTube channel. It appears that he feels his first three statements did not make his intentions clear enough.

In his first video statement since it was revealed that TWICE was under police protection, he stated that he felt JYP Entertainment was assassinating his character and shared that he was looking into pursuing legal action against them.

In his second upload, he once against insisted that what JYP Entertainment was doing to him was illegal. He also went on to say that it wasn’t him, but JYP Entertainment, who were scaring Nayeon and making her uncomfortable. In the same video, he also revealed that he asked the police for her address.

In his third, and perhaps most startling video statement, he accused ONCEs of controlling Nayeon’s life and preventing her from finding happiness with him.

While his newest video is largely a rehashing of things he said previously, he did share some other information.

She has not received any gifts from me. I can show you: Here is one gift and here is another gift.

I want Nayeon to at least receive my gifts because I think she would like it and, um, it’s kinda sad because she most likely, there’s a really high chance she doesn’t even know my name yet and she just heard rumors there’s an obsessed fan out there or just some foreigner who tries to stalk them as TWICE or tries to bother them or tries to gain their attention and I really hope she eventually somehow gets to hear the truth and realizes I’m just here because I truly love her as a person, not as a fan.

He is insistent that they get to know each other and that he would respect her turning him down, but only after she gets to know him.


… That she, at least, hears my side of the story and realizes that I’m really a good guy, and if she then decides ‘No, Josh isn’t [unintelligible]… That he gave me the gifts and stuff, but I don’t want the relationship,’ then I would totally respect that.

He keeps reiterating that he wants to make her happy and that he can make her happy, but if she isn’t interested in a relationship “even after she got to know” who he is then “of course”. (Although he doesn’t clarify what “of course” means, it’s presumed that he means he would leave her alone based on what he said previously.)


She means so much to me and I really hope that eventually, she realizes that there is someone out there who really loves her.

He shared that people have been reaching out to him pretending to be supportive of him and Nayeon while having ulterior motives.


I got a lot of people who claimed that they can help but it turned out a lot of them just tried to get some more information about me to use, like my last name, and somehow harm my family and stuff, so I have to be careful about that. The hate just keeps coming…

He is still hopeful that someone close to Nayeon will help him out and that people will realize he has good intentions toward her. He feels that JYP Entertainment is discouraging Nayeon to look into who he is and once again states that she only knows untruths about him.

The majority of the video is him repeating that he doesn’t believe Nayeon really knows about him, that JYP Entertainment and fans are keeping them apart, and that it’s very important to him that she receives his gifts and know that there’s “someone out there who really loves her.

Fans are discouraged from engaging directly with the sasaeng as it may have a detrimental impact on his mental health, with potentially dangerous repercussions for him or those around him. Instead, if he engages with you online or in-person during his search for Nayeon, you are encouraged to contact with any helpful information so they might pass it on to the proper authorities for investigation.

Below is the video in its entirety: