TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Accuses Fans Of Trying To “Control Her Private Life” By Keeping Him Away From Her

He also blames JYP Entertainment for not “allowing Nayeon to be happy”.

TWICE Nayeon‘s stalker has released another statement, in what appears to be a bid to “make Nayeon happy”.

In the 6 minute new video that he released on December 19, the stalker, Josh, detailed how he only wants to make Nayeon happy, and fans that are against him, are also against Nayeon. He further elaborates how fans that are spreading “fake news” about him are not on the side of Nayeon at all, and keeping him away from her, for the sake of “entertainment”, means Nayeon won’t be able to be happy.



Josh then says how the fans have ruined his image in front of Nayeon, and simply want to control her private life and his by not letting them be together. He’s also firm in his stance that even though they’ve never met, she’ll be very happy to know about him.

The fans that spreading “fake news” about me are only trying to control her private life, because when she finally meets me, she will realize that there is “someone who deeply cares about me, and deeply appreciates the person I am”.

—The stalker, Josh


He also blames JYP Entertainment for keeping him from Nayeon, and says that they’re only “keeping them apart” because it would be financially disadvantageous for Nayeon to start dating him.

I am understand[ing] JYP Entertainment tells “fake news” about me, and tries really hard to control her private life and her, so that she doesn’t start dating. Because if she would start dating with me then that would have financial disadvantages for JYP Entertainment.



He also says that if Nayeon’s fans are really her fans, they would support him being with her, and then proceeds to ask for leads about Nayeon’s private address and contact information so that he can talk to her, because that would really “help her a lot”.


If you are really a fan, the best thing you could do for Nayeon is to support me, and give me her private address and info so that I can talk to her and clarify the situation to her.

The people who really, truly want her to be happy will be on my side, and will not prevent her from this chance to be happy.



He repeats these sentences for most of the remaining 4 minutes of the video, but also throws in this bit about how fans that are sending him messages to stop harassing Nayeon are sounding like “psychopaths and sociopaths”.


He then ends the video by thanking his “supporters” and says he is a “good guy with good intentions”. He hopes people will give him some option to contact her, or better yet, give her an option to reach out to him, so that he could explain his side of the story. He’s also very sure she will also be “very happy to hear that he appreciates the person she is”, because he is not a fan, but someone who loves the person Nayeon, not the idol.

TWICE is currently under police protection, and JYP Entertainment has also released a statement about keeping their idols safe. Josh has also previously released several videos about how he’s being “slandered” and how he’s a “good guy with good intentions“.


Watch the whole video here: