TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Released Statement Saying His Character Is Being Assassinated, Will Pursue Legal Action Against JYP

“I will do everything that I can to take legal actions against JYP Entertainment to get the truth out there.”

TWICE Nayeon‘s stalker Josh released an almost 45-minute video today on YouTube in what appears to be an effort to share his side of the story.

There’s actually something really big going on. To tell you the full story, I have been at the JYP Entertainment center a lot in October and asked for Nayeon and she never was there.


He revealed that he had visited JYP Entertainment many times in October, and experienced no problems when asking for Nayeon. The staff explained to him that any gifts would need to be sent via a courier, however, because he didn’t know how to use the courier system in Korea he waited until he returned to Germany to post the package to the company in hopes that his gift would reach Nayeon.

He insists that the things being said about him online and through the media are completely fabricated and untrue.

In the meantime, there has been a lot of fake news, as probably all of you know, spread about me. Like, I would be a stalker, which I’m definitely not. Things like, I would want to kill someone if someone breaks someone else’s heart. Completely fake news.


He goes on to say that it’s completely fake news that Nayeon would be scared to see him and that JYP Entertainment would take legal action against him.

While he went unnoticed during his visits to JYP Entertainment in October, when he returned in December he states that they were aware of who he was and what his intentions were. An English-speaking staff member came to meet with him and knew him well.

He said, ‘Yeah, there was a misunderstanding. We now know that you are a good guy. We will tell Nayeon about you. We will tell Nayeon you are a good guy and that you’re not a stalker, in case she has any [unintelligible] about me, we will give the letter to Nayeon. Usually, we don’t give gifts to the people, but will we give the gift to Nayeon.


The English-speaking staff member from JYP Entertainment explained to Josh that they didn’t want him walking around asking for Nayeon. Josh appeared indignant when he said, “JYP Entertainment only pretended to be on my side.” He felt that they were being “sketchy” because they told him if he were to keep coming around asking for Nayeon, they would have to call the police.

I realized today they posted another thing about the stalker issue that was clearly about me.


Josh insists that he was completely clear and honest about the situation and his intentions and freely provided all of his Korean contact info to JYP Entertainment staff because he had nothing to hide, however, after reading JYP Entertainment’s latest statement, he felt baited into returning to the agency to clarify some things.

He seemed to believe that JYP Entertainment’s statement regarding malicious rumors was to protect him from the media and fans reporting on his activities.

Here’s what happened: I went back today to JYP Entertainment center and asked for the guy, and they knew me already and said the guy will come. It took about ten minutes and the guy came with two police officers and then, he said, ‘Do you remember what I told you the last time?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, you wanted to give my gift to Nayeon and you understand the situation. I’m here. I cam here right now to give you even more of my information and I come here to help. I want to clear up this misunderstanding.


According to Josh, during his latest visit, the English-speaking staff member at JYP Entertainment went back on his word and insisted that they don’t accept gifts and had told him that they don’t accept gifts. Josh was upset that the police only accepted the story from the staff member, as they could only speak Korean. Visibly angry, Josh declared, “I went to the JYP Entertainment center to help you guys clarify this f*cking misunderstanding and give you my contact details! I don’t want Nayeon to be scared, which I doubt she is.

After the incident at JYP Entertainment, Josh went to the police station and also plans to go to the German embassy so that he can take legal action against JYP Entertainment.

I will do everything that I can to take legal actions against JYP Entertainment to get the truth out there.


The staff member revealed that he secretly recorded their conversation.

And, I was like, ‘Wow what a snitch move! They actually pretended, they just pretended to be on my side!’


Josh stated that there are only two things he cares about in the world: Nayeon and justice. So, he decided to visit the police station to clear things up and explain his side of the story. With a translator from the consulate, he learned that JYP Entertainment allegedly told the police that he would “bully Nayeon“, “had a conversation with her mother over some kind of Internet“, and that they had heard he would “kill Nayeon if she doesn’t approve” of him.

What JYP did is character assassination. They completely, they tried to completely ruin my reputation, and here’s the crazy part: they never gave Nayeon my gift.


Josh assumes that Nayeon knows about his existence through her agency, but is worried about exactly what she’s heard from them as he vented, “These are the facts: JYP Entertainment is spreading false news to the local police, to the management, and most likely to Nayeon as well.” He is also adamant that if Nayeon is scared of him, it’s only because of what she heard about him through staff members, who he feels made up lies about him.

During his visit to the police station, he asked the police for her address so that he could clarify things to her directly.

I need her address or some type of way so I can talk to her so she gets to know me and my side of the story.


He vehemently proclaimed in his video that all he wants to do is talk to her about his feelings and that once she realizes how much she means to him, “there’s a good chance” that she will like him too.

The video goes on for quite a while more with him repeating his grievances against JYP Entertainment for not giving Nayeon his gifts and letters and for assassinating his character because he’s a “good person“.

TWICE is currently under police protection due to the stalking activity and there will be an increase in police patrols around the company and the dorm.

Below is his video in its entirety, but be forewarned that he does swear during his rant.