TWICE Recorded Sound Effects For Fans To Use, And You Need Them ASAP

Which ones will you be downloading?

TWICE recently celebrated their 6th anniversary. In a special video, they presented three gifts to fans, and the first was a compilation of voice messages and sound effects that can be used in many situations.

Check out some of each member’s sound effects below!

1. Momo

First up was Momo, and she recorded two intro sounds—“Du Du Dung” and “Wang.”

She also pretended to be mad, saying, “Why aren’t you picking up? You better answer.

2. Dahyun

Dahyun cutely shouted, “Aigoo! I forgot something!

3. Mina

Mina, on the other hand, sounded surprised as she asked, “What?

4. Tzuyu

In case you needed a new alarm in the morning, Tzuyu’s got your back! She shouted, “Get up! Do you know what time it is? Huh?

5. Sana

One of Sana’s voice messages was a very energetic “Oh my god!

6. Chaeyoung

If you prefer a gentler alarm in the morning, then you’d love Chaeyoung’s happy, “Good morning!

7. Nayeon

Using all the aegyo in her system, Nayeon hilariously made her members cringe when she said, “Tada! A princess has arrived—cute princess.

8. Jihyo

Last but not the least, Jihyo did a very convincing voice message of “Stop.

Hear TWICE’s impressive voice messages for yourself in the full video below!

Source: YouTube