TWICE Reveals How The COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Them And What Their Future Goals Are

This is what they have to say.

Rolling Stone recently asked TWICE about how they handled the COVID-19 global pandemic, including how it affected their relationship with fans, what they miss the most, and what they hope to achieve in the near future.

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The members revealed the things they miss the most since the pandemic, including in-person concerts and seeing their fans.

When we get to perform in person, I’m looking forward to hearing all of the fan chants.

— Momo

Momo | TWICE/YouTube

However, there are some positives things they were able to take away from the experience. Nayeon shared that virtual fan meetings have allowed them to grow a deeper and more personal connection with fans.

Before, the fans would always come to us for the fan meetings, but now when meeting fans online, it’s like we are going to them and visiting their homes. It’s been really cool to see our fans’ rooms, pets, workplaces, etc. When seeing their rooms, I noticed a lot of them have our merch and photos set up, which was really touching. I feel like I’ve always heard of fans doing that but seeing it myself was a new and fun experience.

— Nayeon

Nayeon | TWICE/YouTube

The members also revealed their personal post-pandemic goals, like Jihyo‘s wish to learn how to surf. Similarly, Sana revealed what she hopes to learn.

I want to go horseback riding. I’m actually allergic to animals and especially to horses, but I still want to try.

— Sana

Sana | TWICE/YouTube

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Source: Rolling Stone


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