TWICE Sana’s Lovely Phone Call With Her Mom Shows How Close They Are

There’s a lot of love between them 💕

The relationship between TWICE‘s Sana and her mom is adorable!

In a recent “TW-LOG With SECRET FRIEND” vlog, Sana brought fans along with her as she went to work and prepared gifts for her Secret Friend.

She started off the day with a lovely phone call with her mom who had just texted her “good morning.”

My mom says hello. She says good morning. I’ll give her a morning call.

— Sana

Although there wasn’t anything particularly special about the phone call, the love that they have for each other was clear as day! Sana cheerfully greeted her mom and asked her what time she woke up, “Hello! What time did you get up?

She explained to her mom that she was on her way to a salon to have her hair done, and she was shooting a vlog for fans.

I’m on my way to the hair salon after having my makeup done. We’re shooting a vlog like popular YouTubers. I’m shooting my daily life with a camera.

— Sana

Ending the call, Sana warmly requested her mom to greet her.

Say goodbye! You’re on speaker. Hello? Say ‘Have a good day.

— Sana

Even if she was slightly camera shy, Sana’s mom readily complied with the request and said, “Have a good day!” With a huge smile on her face, Sana assured her mom that she will. “Thanks, I will!

It seemed like the phone call gave her a lot of energy.

TWICE’s relationships with their moms all appear to be strong! Previously, Nayeon proudly showed off a picture frame that her mom made for her, and now Sana even introduced her mom to ONCEs.

| @snownam_/Twitter

Watch the sweet interaction between mother and daughter in the full video below.

Source: TWICE