TWICE’s Sana Burst Into Tears While Heading To “Music Bank” Rehearsal

Fans speculate why she cried.

TWICE arrived at Music Bank earlier today for their rehearsal. The girls lined up in front of a massive amount of press for the routine photo time.


But among the smiling members’ faces, Sana appeared to look more down than her usual peppy self.


She looked timid and nervous even as she put up a heart with her hands for the press.


As the girls began to move on towards the building entrance, Sana suddenly turned around to Tzuyu.


Seeing Tzuyu right behind her, Sana grabbed onto her hand and walked on while tightly holding on to Tzuyu.


Within moments, Sana was seen on the verge of crying. Nayeon and Momo spotted Sana and quickly moved to support each side of her.


Sana then bowed her head for the rest of the way as the members walked into the building.


Sana couldn’t lift her head up all the way to the entrance.


Fans at the scene claim she cried because of the overwhelming pressure from seeing the massive amount of press. She could have felt vulnerable as a simple misunderstanding had recently spread like wildfire to make Korean netizens criticize her recent Instagram post.


Some are claiming it was because of the fans who cheered her on, and that she was overcome with emotions from their support.


Sana had also appeared to be having a difficult time during M COUNTDOWN as she seemed downcast during their win.


However, ONCEs are right behind Sana’ back! Fans have begun tagging “#WeLoveYouSana” to show their support for her during this difficult time.


Hopefully, Sana will be able to smile brightly once again soon!