TWICE Sana’s Facial Expression During Recent Music Show Catches Netizens’ Eyes

Fans believe it’s because of the recent scandal.

TWICE won 1st place on M COUNTDOWN today but fans quickly noticed Sana’s facial expression during the time of celebration.


When Sana should be rejoicing their win, she looked “nervous” and “sad”.


Noticing Sana’s expression, Nayeon approached her to try and cheer her up.


However, Sana couldn’t find that signature happy virus smile that she’s always been known for.


Sana’s always been the one to fool around during their wins, always celebrating brightly with their fans.


She’s rarely ever seen without her signature smile.


Fans believe Sana was unable to smile during their win because of her recent scandal, where her Instagram post celebrating the end of a Japanese era caused backlash from Korean netizens.


Hopefully, Sana will regain her happy smile soon!

Source: Nate Pann