TWICE Finally Spills The Secret Behind Their Extremely Close Friendship—And It’s Heartwarming

Their answers will make you feel things!

There’s no doubt that beyond work, the TWICE members are close friends who cherish one another. In fact, all nine members famously renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment, extending the longevity of the group! And recently, the girls celebrated their 7th anniversary since debut by visiting their pop-up store and decorating cakes for fans.


They also sat down for a heartfelt interview where they answered questions relating to the group. One of the questions Nayeon answered was, “What makes you so close to each other?

TWICE’s Nayeon

According to the “POP!” singer, the girls are always understanding and thoughtful. The most important factor, however, is how much they trust each other.

I feel happiest when I am with TWICE members. They are so understanding and thoughtful. Above all, we have trust.

— Nayeon

Nayeon explained that friction occurs at times because of their different personalities. But whenever she feels hurt by something they did or said, she reminds herself that they are only looking out for her. She trusts them that much.

Individually, we are different from each other. Time to time, unintentionally, I might hurt someone or get hurt by someone. But I would think that all those words or actions that might hurt me are based on love for each other. That’s the level of trust I have in members.

— Nayeon

On the other hand, Mina believes they are close because they always enjoy each other’s company. Whenever they are having fun together, they like sharing their happiness with fans.

Closeness among our team members is noticeable on stage or in any other places. We ourselves have fun and feel happy when we are with each other, and we share such happiness with ONCE.

— Mina

And both of their words were confirmed by Jihyo! The leader of the group opened up about how much she cherishes her members. They instinctively know how she’s feeling and can tell whether she’s having a good or bad day.

Moreover, they love her despite her weaknesses. She never fails to feel thankful when she sees them.

My love for the TWICE members and love for the team, TWICE, have grown so big. So all of us think of this saying. Even when I don’t explain how I feel or tell them about my condition, they know whether I feel good or bad that day. They understand my strengths and shortcomings. And I have 8 of them. That makes me feel so thankful, and that kind of thought comforts me. So rather than sharing any specific episode, I feel so thankful just by seeing all members of TWICE being with me. I feel that a lot.

— Jihyo

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