TWICE Reveals Their Biggest Wardrobe Malfunctions

One was almost dangerous!

The members of TWICE are true professionals when it comes to the stage. Even during unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions, they never lose their cool, like when Sana swiftly removed her faulty necklace so fast that almost nobody noticed…

…or when Momo kept dancing like nothing happened even when her top came untied!

Nayeon once recalled how Momo had an unfortunate situation with some jewelry.

Momo recalled how her earrings didn’t want to stay in during a live broadcast…and just flew away!

Yes, it was during a broadcast actually. They flew off sideways!

— Momo

Chaeyoung was shocked when Nayeon revealed that she once had broken a very expensive ring.

However, she has no idea how much it actually costs!

Dahyun once told a story about how an outfit didn’t go as planned.

During my concert, I had a wardrobe full of beads but I cut myself while I was dancing.

— Dahyun

She was shocked to suddenly see blood while she was dancing, but luckily, she wasn’t hurt!

Dahyun: “[I was like,] Dance dance! Oh my god, I’m bleeding!”

Host: “That’s so scary!”

Dahyun: “It’s okay!”

Check out the full preview for the episode below.


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