TWICE Related Hashtags Trend On Twitter Following JYP’s Apology For The Hanbok Controversy

Fans are calling for better treatment.

JYP Entertainment finds themselves in hot water, yet again after apologizing for  TWICE‘s hanbok controversy.

JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jin Young | Mnet

A few days ago, TWICE members Dahyun and Chaeyoung released a parody music video of Rain and Park Jin Young‘s “Switch To Me.” While the overall music video had fun and funky vibes, it was Dahyun’s familiar hanbok jacket that has been making headlines since the release of the video. BLACKPINK had previously worn custom-made modernized hanboks for their “How You Like That” music video and it was the similarity between the two that stirred up the controversy. It was only after the hanbok designer personally called out JYP Entertainment, that the label stepped forward with an official apology.

(Left) TWICE’s Dahyun “Switch To Me”, (right) BLACKPINK’s Jisoo “How You Like That” | YouTube

TWICE fans, however, were not thrilled about the content of JYP Entertainment’s statement and have called out their lackluster apology. They have been voicing their disappointment in the label and the overall treatment of the situation. #FREETWICE, #JYPE_OUT and numerous other hashtags have been trending all over Twitter as ONCE’s demand better treatment for Dahyun, Chaeyoung and the rest of the TWICE members. This first tweet highlights the different hashtags that are trending in regards to the TWICE and JYP Entertainment situation.

| @kjmmythought/Twitter

This ONCE rallies behind the two girls by declaring their love for the TWICE members who have found themselves in the middle of the controversy.

| @sloststicker/Twitter

This next tweet, which is more explicit than the others, has no problem calling out JYP Entertainment.

| @ohye_sana/Twitter

Another TWICE fan highlights a very specific moment from Mnet Media‘s survival reality program, Super Intern that states, “JYPE’s biggest strength is TWICE.”

| @momopiersicuta/Twitter

This is not the first time that the label has found themselves in the middle of this specific situation. Previously, JYP Entertainment angered GOT7 fans due to the lack of promotions provided by the agency. The group had always been neglected by the label, but the final straw was with the release of their last album. They released their highly anticipated album back in 2020 and yet, JYP Entertainment did nothing to promote it. Similar hashtags went viral on Twitter for the boy group during this time. Not too long after, it was announced that all 7 members would part ways with the agency.

| @AhgaseFighting7/Twitter

JYP Entertainment has yet to respond to the outcries of TWICE fans demanding better treatment for the girl group. Stay tuned for any updates.