TWICE’s Tzuyu Reveals The Hardest—And Best—Parts About Being In A Big Group

It isn’t always smooth sailing, but it’s worth it 💕

TWICE are the closest of friends, but that doesn’t mean they can avoid friction from time to time—especially with so many members. Knowing that, Zach from the Zach Sang Show asked them about the hardships that they experience from being in a large group.

What is the hardest part about being in a group with nine other members?

— Zach Sang Show

Maknae Tzuyu revealed that the most difficult part is taking into consideration everyone’s thoughts and feelings. With nine members in total, it can be a lot to balance.

So the difficult part is that, with nine members, we have a lot of different opinions and thoughts.

— Tzuyu

It may not always be smooth sailing, but there are also many advantages! In Tzuyu’s opinion, the best part is having developed close friendships with one another, so much so that she can confidently say that they “deeply care for each other.”

But we’ve been together for a really long time, and through those years, we’ve become really good friends. Now we deeply care for each other, and that kind of friendship helps us when we are on stage and when we prepare a new album.

— Tzuyu

Tzuyu described how they have grown to rely on each other during times of hardship. “We’re able to rely on each other when we’re met with challenges.

Being in a large group has its fair share of difficulties, but TWICE wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Learn more about the members in the full interview below.

Source: Zach Sang Show


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