TWICE’s Tzuyu Has The Most Heartwarming Reason Behind Her Surprising Dream Vacation Location

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“The Feels” is TWICE‘s first English language single, and it’s already taking the world by storm. ONCEs are loving the song’s mix of disco pop and teen crush aesthetic. TWICE has been promoting the song across many western channels, including Vanity Fair‘s YouTube account.

While participating in the channel’s TWICE Game ShowTzuyu ended up being asked, “If you could take a trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go?”

Tzuyu had to take a second when writing down her response to make sure it was right, but once she was done, it was time for TWICE to guess her answer.

Jihyo cleverly guessed the entire continent of Europe, giving her a significant chance of success, but she was quickly turned down.

Chaeyoung followed this up by guessing the tropical destination of Hawaii. While she was on the right track, this was also wrong.

Nayeon decided to use what she knew about her member and guess Tzuyu’s home of Taiwan, but this was surprisingly not the answer either.

They continued to throw out places like Japan, Switzerland, and America, but no matter how diverse the group’s guess was, they couldn’t get it.

After calling out a majority of the map, Tzuyu gave a hint that it didn’t have to be foreign, which clued Jihyo into the answer, Jeju-do.

While this may have been surprising, Tzuyu’s reason was sweet. She explained that they’d shot their MV for “Alcohol-Free” in Jeju-do but didn’t get a chance to properly enjoy the destination due to the current world circumstances.

We shot our music video in Jeju-do before but when Covid goes away, I would like to properly visit the markets and comfortably travel one day.


While Tzuyu may not be able to achieve her dream vacation yet, we are sure she’ll have her chance in the near future. To read more TWICE’s Vanity Fair interview, check out the article below:

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