TWICE’s Tzuyu Played The Guzheng During Her Live — And It Was Pure Bliss

Guaranteed to heal the heart and soothe the soul:

As a skilled singer, rapper, dancer, linguist, and much more, TWICE‘s Tzuyu is constantly proving she’s got an endless supply of talent. Just when you think she’s shared it all, she reveals another hidden skill up her sleeve and recently she revealed an incredibly calming and soothing talent!

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Although ONCE knew Tzuyu had been learning to play the guzheng for a while, during a recent live she revealed she’d been practicing more in her free time. Sharing she couldn’t decide if she should play something now or wait until she’d practiced a bit more, ONCE cheered her on and encouraged her to showcase her skills.

Reading all of ONCEs’ comments, Tzuyu sweetly agreed to play a little something for everyone even if she was feeling a bit shy about it!

Leaving fans breathless with one melody, Tzuyu continued to play for fans, even sharing a beautiful rendition of Jay Chou‘s “Chrysanthemum Terrace”.

And her skills on the instrument not only seriously impressed…

They also immediately had fans feeling incredibly calm!

Tzuyu truly has an endless supply of talents! Listen to Tzuyu’s amazing guzheng skills and experience the healing and soothing effects for yourself below: