TWICE’s Tzuyu Goes Viral In Korea After Being Mentioned During The Beijing 2022 Olympics

It wasn’t even for her archery this time!

Although sports and K-Pop are two industries you never thought would mix, except maybe in the case of the much-loved Idol Star Athletics Championships, it seems as if they are being linked together more and more.

Yet, one idol who always seems to gain attention, especially during Olympic season, is TWICE‘s Tzuyu, and she’s done it once again as countries compete in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

TWICE’s Tzuyu | @Twicetagram/ Instagram

Usually, Tzuyu goes viral during the Olympics because of the fact that, during the annual Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC), fans noticed that she excelled in one sport: archery! Since then, Tzuyu has gained attention, and fans remember her iconic moments whenever an archery event is shown.

Unsurprisingly, considering it is the Winter Olympics, there isn’t any archery. Yet, it didn’t stop Tzuyu from going viral because of the event. On February 8, various Twitter accounts shared that Tzuyu was going viral in Korea… all because of speed skater Kim Min Seok.

Kim Min Seok | @minseok_kim_99/ Instagram

In the past, the athlete has gained attention for his intense love of Tzuyu. He has even chosen her as his ideal type and explained that meeting the idol was more stressful than the Olympics…

Even though their photo together looked amazing!

Yet, the reason that Tzuyu started trending on February 8 in Korea was that a commentator from SBS introduced him as “Kim Min Seok athlete, who has the same birthday as TWICE’s “Tzuyu.” Both Tzuyu and Min Seok were born on June 14, 1999, making them birthdate twins.


When ONCEs noticed what happened, they shared how it seemed as if Tzuyu had so much influence and love that an Olympics couldn’t go by without her going viral. It also cemented her #Queen status on social media.

Yet, it isn’t the first time Tzuyu has gone viral during the Olympics. In 2021, Tzuyu went viral on Brazilian Twitter after a ONCE joked that the Taiwanese singer was actually participating in the Olympics.

After the tweet was sent out, many users who are not fans of K-Pop went on social praising Tzuyu for her beauty and elegant physique while assuming that she was part of Taiwan’s archery team.

No matter if it’s the summer or winter Olympics, Tzuyu always showcases her influence throughout the world. It isn’t surprising why she is so loved, and no doubt, it will not be the last time.

You can read more about Tzuyu and her influence during the Olympics below.

TWICE’s Tzuyu Goes Viral After Non K-Pop Fans Mistake Her For An Olympic Archer

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