TWICE’s Nayeon Is Just As Obsessed With TWICE’s Songs As ONCEs Are, And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

She’s a huge TWICE fan!

TWICE‘s Nayeon loves her group’s songs just as much as the rest of us do!

TWICE’s Nayeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

Nayeon recently released a new vlog on TWICE’s official YouTube channel to celebrate her birthday, and throughout the vlog she proved just how much she loves TWICE’s music.

| TWICE/YouTube

Nayeon went on a road trip in the vlog, and she jammed out to TWICE’s tunes while in the car. First, she listened to “Alcohol-Free” since she had just finished promoting the song.

Like any ONCE, Nayeon loves TWICE’s older songs, too! While listening to “Turtle” from the Twicetagram album, she said, “All the songs in this album are really good.” We couldn’t agree more!

Nayeon couldn’t help but smile as she sang along to “Turtle,” and we can totally relate.

Nayeon proved just how much she loves Twicetagram by putting on “MISSING U” next. Clearly, she’s a huge fan of TWICE’s B-sides!

While at a convenience store on her trip, Nayeon spotted a package of piña colada mix, and she couldn’t resist singing Momo‘s iconic line “sweet mimosa, piña colada” from “Alcohol-Free.”

Nayeon has shown her love for TWICE’s music in the past, too! Most recently, she sang a snippet of “Alcohol-Free” and danced a little of the choreography during a haunted school-themed episode of the group’s variety show, TIME TO TWICE

Looks like Nayeon is TWICE’s biggest fan!

Check out Nayeon’s latest vlog below.