Twitter Is Going Crazy Over Jimin From BTS’s “Dynamite” Performance On America’s Got Talent

“Who’s the guy in the Gucci jacket??”

It seems to be an almost daily occurrence that some kind of BTS-related trend takes over Twitter, and today is no different!

On September 16, BTS gave a fun, entertaining performance of their latest hit “Dynamite” on the American competition show America’s Got Talent.

All of the boys, of course, looked and sounded amazing, but one member in particular seems to have ARMYs going wild.

As of the time of this post, “Park Jimin” is trending on Twitter with over 100k tweets, all because of how he looked and sounded during the performance!

And it’s no wonder why, really — Jimin looked effortlessly cool during the performance, and his smile has fans swooning.

In the glow of the city lights, Jimin’s visuals were absolutely flawless.

He even had non-fans asking about him! And really, who could blame them?

If you haven’t already, watch the full performance of “Dynamite” here!


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