Twitter’s New Verification Policy Sparks Complaints From Numerous Fandoms Toward K-Pop Labels

“What about their engagements for the teasers???”

Twitter K-Pop fans have been on a rollercoaster these past few days following the recently applied brand-new Twitter policy regarding verified accounts. The social media platform decided to go ahead with plans to remove the notorious “legacy verification” checkmarks on April 20. The change in policy made several celebrities and public figures around the world lose their checkmark unless they decide to pay for Twitter’s new subscription alternative, “Twitter Blue.”

K-Pop celebrities were also affected by this, with official group accounts as well as idols’ personal accounts losing the verification check. This led to plenty of hilarious situations, like the amazing reactions ARMYs had to BTS members losing their blue checkmark.

K-Pop labels, who have often emphasized the importance social media has to their groups’ success, swiftly took care of the situation. Instead of subscribing to “Twitter Blue“, many entertainment companies made sure to register their groups’ accounts as official “organizations” on Twitter. This grants Twitter users a unique gold checkmark and square-shaped icon. Groups like Red Velvet, NCT, Apink, EXO, NMIXX, and MONSTA X have the brand-new gold badge on their profiles already.

EXO’s Twitter account.
Red Velvet’s Twitter account.

This new policy seems to have caused concerns among fans of the groups who haven’t yet been given the gold badge. Many have taken to Twitter to demand the groups’ labels ensure the gold badge is applied for soon, as this can affect their social media engagements.

Aespa fans, in particular, are worried about the interactions on the girl group’s teaser images posted on Twitter to promote their upcoming comeback, MY WORLD. MYs are demanding action from SM Entertainment, aespa’s label, as soon as possible to ensure the group’s Twitter account at least has the blue badge to set them apart from other Twitter users.

MYs have also pointed out how the majority of other SM Entertainment groups have already claimed the gold badge, including Girls On Top‘s Twitter account, which is rarely active aside from the time SM’s project girl group promotes.

Other than aespa, the official Girls’ Generation and Taeyeon accounts also have not claimed the gold verification check yet. This made Girls’ Generation fans express their growing disappointment with the company once again, with a fan even saying they were “disappointed, but not surprised.

SM Entertainment fans aren’t the only ones left disappointed. Unfortunately, several JYP Entertainment fandoms have expressed similar concerns. TWICE, Stray Kids and Xrdinary Heroes are among the labels’ active groups yet to have a gold badge. Meanwhile, NMIXX, ITZY, and NiziU have already claimed the verification check.

Fans of BLACKPINK are also asking YG Entertainment o register the group as an official organization and claim the gold badge.

Meanwhile, BTS’s official account has received the gold verification badge as opposed to their personal members’ account, which recently became subscribed to “Twitter Blue,” claiming the blue badge.

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