Twitter Releases Emojis Ahead of BTS’s New Webtoon “7Fates: CHAKHO”

The wait is almost over!

BTS‘s much anticipated WEBTOON series 7Fates: CHAKHO is set to release on Naver WEBTOONS on January 15th of this year.

While BTS’s Save Me webtoon from 2019 was directly in conjunction with the BTS Universe7Fates: CHAKHO starts a brand new plot with tiger hunters back in an era when tiger attacks were prevalent in Korea.

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The urban fantasy follows seven tiger hunters, referred to as the “CHAKHO,” who come together to hunt these tigers (Beom) who are mystical in nature.

The premise of 7Fates: CHAKHO sounds action packed!

Keep an eye on each story of the tiger hunters to discover their tragic fate, and to take revenge for losing their loved ones.


In recent interviews uploaded onto the 7Fates: CHAKHO YouTube channel, the BTS members all discuss a little bit about who each of their characters are. And as we move closer to the release date, Twitter has also dropped official emojis to give us an idea of what each of the characters will look like!

1. RM as Do Geon

Do Geon: a crime expert skilled in weaponry who was so used to being independent, he was reluctant to join a team like CHAKHO.

2. Jin as Hwan

Hwan: the “Hawkeye” of the group after his family was killed by Beom, and makes it his mission to hunt them down.

3. Suga as Cein

Cein: nearly eaten alive by a Beom, survives and is strengthened by the other members’ friendship.

4. J-Hope as Hosu

Hosu: kidnapped by Beom, and while trying to survive the den, might’ve gone to extreme lengths.

5. Jimin as Haru

Haru (cue “Just One Day”): a rock that guarded the gate to the Beom’s world turned human to join the CHAKHO.

6. V as Joo An

Joo An: falls in love with a Beom and will show a story of forbidden love, much like that of Romeo & Juliet.

7. Jungkook as Zeha

Zeha: a Beom and human hybrid, something he finds out while fighting a Beom.

The official hashtags that will get the emojis on Twitter are below.

It’s safe to say ARMYs are excited, some even made their own renditions of the character illustrations!

Who’s excited? Read more about 7Fates: CHAKHO below.

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