TXT’s Beomgyu Discusses The Time He Ran Into BTS’s J-Hope In The HYBE Building

His imitation is perfect!

During an episode of MMTGTXT‘s Beomgyu was asked about his previously revealed story where he encountered BTS‘s J-Hope in the HYBE building.

TXT’s Beomgyu and BTS’s J-Hope | HYBE Labels/YouTube

Host JaeJae brought up Beomgyu’s live broadcast where he shared that he met J-Hope in the elevator and told the experience with fans.

J-Hope asked about Beomgyu’s new, long hairstyle in his signature friendly and loud voice tone.

Beomgyu’s recreation of J-Hope’s friendly greeting was hilariously spot-on.

[He was like,] ‘Oh Beomgyu~~ isn’t it hot? Oh Beomgyu~~ it must be uncomfortable!’

— Beomgyu

He described J-Hope’s voice just like his personality: Full of energy and excitement!

Hobi hyung has his energetic style!

— Beomgyu

When greeting people, J-Hope uses this same excited tone of voice, showing how excited he is to see whoever it may be that he meets.

J-Hope can make anyone’s day by running into them in the elevator!

Watch as Beomgyu tells the full story about their encounter below.

TXT’s Beomgyu Reveals He Bumped Into BTS’s J-Hope In An Elevator


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