TXT’s Beomgyu Just Responded To A Fan In The Most Savage Way

He’s very honest. 🤣

TXT‘s Beomgyu recently gave the wittiest response to a fan on Weverse and it will make you love his sassy side!

O.P., or the original poster, posted about their experiences at school with someone who seemed to like them, cleverly adding in one of TXT’s song titles to their story!

Today at the library, there was always someone who looked at me as if they liked me, even though it’s a place that I go to study, I didn’t accept it,,, because if it’s not TXT sorry I’m an ‘Anti-Romantic’ haha!

— O.P.

| Weverse

However, as witty as they thought they were, Beomgyu’s hilarious response brought the fan back to reality!

Goodbye my delusion😗😗😗😗😗

— Beomgyu

| Weverse

The line is actually a lyric from TXT’s song “Drama,” and Beomgyu himself is the one that delivers the line.

However, O.P. can’t be too upset at the sudden look at reality — They did receive a reply from Beomgyu, after all!

Better luck next time, O.P.!


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