Big Hit Music Was So Eager For TXT’s Beomgyu To Audition, They Rearranged Their Schedules For Him

He reveals how and why he became an idol.

In a recent interview with Paper MagazineBeomgyu tells the story of how he went from a young music lover, listening to music with his father, to a world-renowned K-Pop idol as part of TXT.

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His initial passion for music came from his family roots and this time spent with his father, leaving him with pleasant memories and emotions.

That’s when I realized that this is something that I wanted to do. Even now, when I need to lift my mood, I go back to music from that time that I used to listen to in the car with my dad.

— Beomgyu

| Paper Magazine

Because of this, he eventually decided to pick up the guitar. His father showed him the ropes and taught him how to use the instrument when Beomgyu realized he was now capable of bringing the same feeling to listeners that he gets from music.

When I first started playing the guitar, I don’t think I thought of it as, ‘This is something that I want to do,’ but when I joined a band and started performing in front of people for the first time and heard their applause, it made me feel great. So I started thinking about pursuing music.

— Beomgyu

However, Beomgyu revealed he initially had no interest in being a K-Pop idol. After being street cast in his hometown of Daegu, South Korea, he realized that if he was given the chance to debut it would give him “the opportunity to tell [his] own story,” his initial reason for pursuing music.

| Paper Magazine

The scouts for Big Hit Music (then Big Hit Entertainment) were so eager for Beomgyu’s audition, they rearranged their own schedule to accommodate his school exams. When he passed, he immediately moved to Seoul to begin his training…

…and become the hardworking Beomgyu that MOAs know and love today!

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Source: Paper Magazine