TXT’s Beomgyu Spills On How He Produced “Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go”

He’s such a good producer!

TXT‘s Beomgyu wowed MOA with the track he produced, “Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go,” and he just shared a glimpse into his process of creating the song!

TXT’s Beomgyu | TXT/Weverse

In a new interview with Weverse Magazine, Beomgyu opened up about his songwriting process and how he came up with the idea for “Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go.”

| Jiyong Yoon/Weverse Magazine

Beomgyu explained that he had the idea to write a feel-good song in either late 2021 or early 2022. He wanted to write a song that people could dance together to at concerts, listen to while driving, or to make their good mood even better. While working on “Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go,” he kept positive thoughts at the forefront of his mind, so he could create a happy song.

This was around the end of last year or the beginning of this year: I got this sudden urge to write some feel-good music and felt like I had to write it right away. And that’s the track I wrote. I wanted it to be a good song for everyone to dance along to together at concerts, listen to when taking a drive or to take a good mood and make it even better. I kept these positive thoughts in mind while working on it. It’s a little bit different from other music I’ve written and I’m happy that I was lucky enough to have a song included on one of our albums again after ‘Maze in the Mirror’ was two years ago.

— Beomgyu

| TXT/Weverse

Beomgyu typically writes songs on his guitar, so writing a synth-driven melody was new to him. With Taehyun‘s help, Beomgyu was able to keep “Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go” from sounding too retro.

I feel like all the popular songs have catchy, synth-based melodies right now, so I tried to make use of that. I used to always write songs on guitar, but I listened to a lot of newer music while working out lately and decided I wanted to try my hand at making that kind of music. As you said, it could have ended up as a song with a strong retro feel, but I liked the way TAEHYUN gave it a more sophisticated vibe when he wrote the topline melody.

— Beomgyu

| TXT/Weverse

We’re absolutely obsessed with “Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go.” Thanks Beomgyu and Taehyun for this amazing song!

Source: Weverse Magazine