TXT Reveals The Most Important Advice BTS Gave Them

Their seniors’ words made a big impact.

Since TXT debuted in 2019, they have received love, support, and many words of wisdom from their Big Hit Music seniors, BTS.


For instance, J-Hope advised TXT to not let any situation defeat them. He also encouraged them to always do their best.

J-Hope | HYBE

[BTS] always cheers us on and looks after us.

Out of the [many supportive messages], J-Hope’s advice stuck with us. He advised us to not feel defeated by any situation and make sure to show everyone our all.

— Soobin

Now, in a new interview with FilmibeatTaehyun is revealing which piece of BTS’s advice has had the greatest impact on TXT over the years.

Taehyun | HYBE

“They gave us a lot of great advice, but the ones they emphasized were the importance of strong teamwork,” he said. “and the importance of always doing our best when performing because the stage is the one place where we can wholly show everything.”


He believes TXT’s true friendship is the key to creating better performances and sincere, heart-touching music for their fans.

As we continue to come together and rely on each other, our genuine bond and brotherhood helps us share even better performances and music with the world. We want to become a band that many listeners can relate to; we want the stories that we share through our music to touch the hearts of and resonate deeply with many people.

— Taehyun

Source: Filmibeat
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