TXT Fans Have Very Divided Opinions About Their Most Recent Live Encore Stage

It’s a battle between Korean vs. International fans.

TXT recently made their highly anticipated comeback, which excited all of their fans worldwide. Their comeback track titled, “0X1 LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” has been seeing incredible success, as they already snagged the first-place trophy on the most recent episode of THE SHOW, beating MONSTA X and EVERGLOW.


Following their first-place win, the boys of TXT delivered an encore stage as a thank you to all of their fans who voted for them, showing off their chaotic, but adorable energy. Surprisingly enough, however, their stage has been met with an unexpected divide of responses from their fans.

Following their encore stage, Korean fans were quick to flock to online communities to leave harsh comments that berated the boys’ singing abilities and their performance.

| theqoo
  • “This is the extent of their singing abilities??”
  • “Omg.”
  • “It’s sad that all their hard work will be judged by this one stage. It’s obvious that they’re all really off-key.”
  • “It’s like when you think you sound good when you sing along with a song, but then after you record yourself is when you realize it’s awful. But they’re actual singers so this is pretty bad.”
  • “It does seem really bare. Honestly, my standards for live performances are so low, I just assume they’re not going to do well so it’s whatever.”
  • “They sing like they don’t care. Don’t they know they’re going to get hate comments? I listened to this song because I liked it before, but omg.”
  • “I thought I watched videos where their lives were good, but apparently it was all thanks to AR.”
  • “I thought they were supposed to be known for their musical abilities. Minus Soobin, they all sound like neighborhood high schoolers.”
  • “What the…hell…is this…why did I think they were talented?”
TXT with their “THE SHOW” trophy | THE SHOW

On the flip side of things, however, are TXT’s international fans who only had loving things to say about their boys. Their international fans showered the TXT members with all the adoring compliments they could think of.

| YouTube

According to fans, it seems that the members of TXT did not have their earpieces, also frequently known as “in-ears” for their live encore stage. These earpieces are crucial for singers who perform on live stages as they provide the artists with the ability to monitor themselves when they sing. Without these in-ear monitors, it makes it almost impossible for the singers to hear themselves, which can result in shouting, off-key, and offbeat singing.

TXT’s Taehyun with his green “in-ear” piece | Under Glow

Regardless of the situation, it’s hard to ignore the incredible talent of the TXT members. Congratulations to TXT and their well-deserved first win for “0X1 LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)!”

Be sure to watch their comeback stage on THE SHOW down below.

Source: theqoo and Image


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