TXT Make History As They Surpass 8,000,000 Followers On Twitter

TXT is the most followed 4th generation K-Pop group.

TXT has made history!

TXT has surpassed 8,000,000 followers on Twitter with their members’ account (@TXT_members). They are the first K-Pop group to achieve this milestone as quickly as they have.

| @TXTChartData/Twitter & @TXT_bighit/Twitter

Considering how active and engaged the members are, it’s no surprise that they have established a dedicated following! Last year, they gained 2 million followers. Along with BTS, they are the only K-Pop artists to accomplish this.

TXT is one of the most popular groups right now. With their new achievement, they continue to be the most followed 4th generation K-Pop group on Twitter and the fourth most-followed K-Pop group.

The official Twitter account for the group (@TXT_bighit) actually has fewer followers than the members’ account. At this time, it has 6.7 million followers. This account provides most official updates about the group and their activities, such as comeback announcements, releases, and promotions.

Source: @TXTCHART_KR, @TXT_members (1) and (2), Image and @TXTChartData


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