TXT’s Hueningkai Proves His Professionalism, Performing Despite An Unexpected Injury

He reassured fans that he’s okay.

TXT is currently on their 2022 TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR <ACT : LOVE SICK. And while fans love the incredible performances, they have also voiced many concerns.

TXT | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

Since the tour dates and locations were announced, fans have voiced their frustration with the venues being smaller than they had hoped.

Fans aren’t the only ones who were disappointed in the size of the venues, as Taehyun voiced his desire to perform at bigger venues.

There have also been safety concerns during the tour, with TXT having to interact with many fans who aren’t wearing masks.

There were reported disturbing comments and threats made toward the members.

And man continually ran after the group during a concert.

Fans were also concerned about TXT’s health, given their incredibly busy tour schedule.

July 2-3 Korea concert, July 7 Chicago concert, July 9 New York concert, July 12 Atlanta concert, July 14 Dallas concert, July 17 Houston concert, July 21 San Fransisco concert, July 23-24 Los Angeles concert, July 30 Lollapalooza, August 20 Osaka, August 21 Tokyo, September 3-4 Osaka, September 7-8 Chiba, October 12 Jakarta, October 15-16 Manila, October 19 Taipei, October 22-23 Bangkok.


BIGHIT MUSIC even had to update fans about concerns for Beomgyu‘s health as he continually seemed unwell.

At their most recent show, Hueningkai ended up getting a nosebleed during the middle of a performance that alarmed fans.

Fans are praising the idol’s professionalism as he committed to giving his all to the performance despite his unexpected nosebleed.

Hueningkai quickly reassured fans that he was alright, telling them on a live broadcast that while he was surprised by the sudden nosebleed…

His nosebleed was taken care of after the performance, and he is perfectly fine.