TXT’s HueningKai Looks So Much Like This Idol It Will Freak You Out

Talk about doppelganger!

Netizens have been discovering numerous interesting facts about TXT‘s newest member, HueningKai.

5 Interesting Facts About TXT’s Newest Member, HueningKai


Another thing they’ve found out is that he has a doppelganger!


Fans have come up with numerous idols and celebrities that HueningKai looks like including Justin…


Jyunhao from YG Treasure Box…


Indonesian actress Tatjana Saphira…


Troye Sivan…


And even BTS’ J-Hope!


But a majority of fans seem to think that he looks just like SEVENTEEN’s Jun!


With such similar facial features, one may even believe that they were twins!


And while everyone’s opinions may differ on who HueningKai looks like, fans will probably be able to agree on the fact that he looks extremely handsome!


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