5 Interesting Facts About TXT’s Newest Member, HueningKai

Talent obviously runs in the family!

Big Hit Entertainment has finally revealed the third member of TXT, HueningKai, and as with the previous two members, everyone is curious about the newest mysterious member. Here are a few interesting facts about HueningKai that you may not have known:


1. His father was an actor and singer

According to the Korean Namuwiki, HueningKai’s father is American (of German descent). He was born in Brazil and immigrated to America at the age of 4. When he was 17 years old, he went to Hong Kong and learned Chinese and spent 10 years in China thereafter working as an actor and singer.

It was in China where he met and got married to HueningKai’s Korean mother. The idol’s father is also known to fluently speak 4 languages: Portuguese, English, Chinese and Korean.


2. Pronunciation of his name

HueningKai has a very unique name and some may be wondering exactly how to pronounce this difficult name. According to fans, the name is pronounced “hyoo-ning-kai”, the same way it is pronounced for his Korean spelling, 휴닝카이.


3. He is Big Hit’s first international artist

HueningKai’s mother is known to be Korean and his father American (of German descent) but some rumors claim that HueningKai is Chinese-American. In addition, the idol was born in Hawaii. And while HueningKai’s nationality is not 100% clear, he is Big Hit’s first international artist.


4. He has sisters

A few of HueningKai’s pre-debut photos includes two girls who are said to be his sisters.


5. His sister is a member of a girl group

One of his sisters is rumored to be a member of a K-Pop group. He may not be the first one in his family to debut as the group, VIVA, debuted in back in 2017.

TXT HueningKai’s Sister Rumored To Be Girl Group Member


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