Pre-Debut Photos and Footage Of TXT’s HueningKai Takes Over Social Media

They can find everything

The third member of BigHit’s new group Tomorrow X Together (TXT) has been revealed to be HueningKai on January 15, and netizens have already shared his pre-debut photos and videos all over the social media.

First, many photos from his childhood have been discovered. Judging by the photos that were shared, it seems like he had an awesome childhood and visited many places around the world.

Fans also found videos of him showing off his talent from early on.

We can check how much he improved over the years by this footage of him practicing BTS’ Let Go

Some even found 2-sec footage of him walking in the background of a fan video.

As more pieces of information are being discovered every second, we can’t wait to see what Netizen will find next!

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