TXT’s Hueningkai Seemingly “Shades” HYBE’s Bang Si Hyuk

“So for Kai to shade Bang PD like that…”

TXT‘s Hueningkai is known for being sweet-natured, and netizens are LOL’ing after the idol seemingly shaded Bang Si Hyuk.

TXT’s Hueningkai | @txt_members/Twitter

One person who is not in netizens’ good books is HYBE‘s founder, Bang Si Hyuk. Considering he founded both BigHit Entertainment and HYBE, it’s not surprising that he has interactions with TXT.

| @hitmanb72/Instagram
| @hitmanb72/Instagram
| @hitmanb72/Instagram

On July 9, Hueningkai went on Weverse to interact with fans.

In one post, a fan shared a photo of two people on a bike, and the caption said that it was Beomgyu and Bang Si Hyuk. When asked about it, Hueningkai not only saw the post but hilariously replied, “Isn’t that a picture from the Weverse Festival?”

When the post was shared, netizens found this “sassier” side to Hueningkai hilarious, and many assumed that Bang Si Hyuk must not be on the “good side” of the idol to have this kind of shade thrown his way.

Hueningkai definitely has a sweet personality, so it’s not surprising that netizens are viewing this comment in a certain way.

Source: TXT/Weverse


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