TXT Members Reveal Just How Close They Are With Their Main Producer, Bang Si Hyuk

Just how close are TXT members with Hitman Bang?

TXT recently went out to an expensive dinner paid for by their loving head producer, Bang Si Hyuk, and fans desperately wanted to know their cute relationship with Hitman Bang!

One fan asked, “What’s it like being with Bang PD? Is it fun?? Do you get nervous??” Although they’re rookies, they’ve been training under Hitman Bang for years! Yeonjun replied, “It’s fun because we get to eat a lot of meat.

Considering how they’re just one big family, fans knew exactly how the dinner with Bang PD went! She wrote, “Yeonjun, I bet you ate until the very end with Soobin again, right?

Yeonjun and Soobin were completely shocked that the fan knew them so well!

Soobin: “Wow I got goosebumps ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

Yeonjun: “How did you know…???”


Just how much did the eat? Soobin revealed, “Everyone, do you know how many times Yeonjun ordered refills of the kimchi?? I gave up counting

Yeonjun rebutted, “I never say no to food

Yeonjun ate without a care in the world despite it being with his head producer! He gave a little TMI, “During dance class, I felt my meat friends dancing inside my stomach too“!


So just how close are TXT members with their Papa Bang? One fan asked how they greet him when they run into him. Do they say their long official greeting? Do they just wave?

Taehyun answered that they just say, “Hello~

Since Papa Bang is basically as close as family to them, one fan suggested having a time during their next dinner to speak informally!

But that’s when Taehyun drew the line. He answered, “He’s not that much younger than my dad“.

We stan a company that’s more family than corporate!


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