TXT, NCT DREAM, And ATEEZ Gain Heartfelt Praise For Their Reactions To The Cancellation Of “Music Bank In Chile”

“They really are the most humble.”

The highly anticipated concert Music Bank in Chile that was to take place on November 12 had to be canceled mid-show. While this caused disappointment for many fans, the artists in the line-up are gaining praise for their own touching reactions to the cancellation.

Fans in Latin America were excited about the first global concert from KBS‘ Music Bank in three years.

The impressive line-up included performance masters NCT DREAM, TXT (also known as TOMORROW X TOGETHER), (G)I-DLE, STAYC, THE BOYZ, and ATEEZ.

Out of these groups, only THE BOYZ, STAYC and (G)I-DLE were able to perform before the concert was suspended. Shortly afterward it was fully canceled due to dangerous weather conditions. While the groups received a lot of well-earned praise for their professionalism amidst the thunderstorm…

…more than anything fans were concerned for their safety. This is because the heavy rainfall caused the stage to become extremely slippery, causing idols from each of the groups that performed to fall on multiple occasions.

The event was canceled after (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua took a particularly nasty fall while the group did their best to perform under the hail.

Seeing as the rest of the line-up didn’t get the chance to perform in front of their fans, they came onstage to apologize to and reassure them. And the earnestness with which they did so has gained them plenty of praise!

The members of TXT looked noticeably disappointed, especially since this was their first time in Chile.

TXT | @yawxznn/Twitter

Fans there said that the members apologized profusely for not being able to perform, proving how humble they are.

They also made Latin American MOAs proud by saying, “Te amo MOA,” or “I love you, MOA”.

Meanwhile, fans of ATEEZ noticed that the members were visibly holding back tears as they came onstage to greet ATINYs and apologize.

The group did their best to comfort fans who were crying, gesturing for them to stop doing so despite their own clear disappointment.

Seonghwa posted a goodbye to Chile on social media, captioning it with “Gracias Chile,” or “Thanks, Chile” in Spanish.

As the third group who were also left unable to show fans their stage, NCT DREAM also came onstage to apologize to fans and provide some comfort.

NCT DREAM | @frafractal/Instagram

Afterward, Jaemin posted a touching message to Chilean NCTzens on his Instagram story…in Spanish.

| @na.jaemin0813/Instagram

The message made fans feel soft over his thoughtfulness, and it’s easy to see why.

While it’s unfortunate that fans in Latin America won’t be able to see TXT, NCT DREAM and ATEEZ show off their flawless performance skills, fans are more than happy to prioritize the idols’ safety!

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