Bebe Rexha Wishes TXT’s Soobin Happy Birthday And The Internet Broke

MOAs are incredibly happy.

Bebe Rexha, who released hits such as “Baby, I’m Jealous” and “I’m A Mess”, recently took to her public Twitter account to wish a very happy birthday to TXT‘s Soobin. The fact that a world class pop star wished Soobin happy birthday sent MOAs crazy as they urged Soobin to respond.

MOAs did have a very good reason for being this happy for Soobin – Soobin is a well-known fan of the singer! He’s not stopped gushing about the talented singer since he listened to her songs 4 years ago. The two even once did an Instagram live together, where she confessed she was a huge fan of him too!

The best gift ever or what? Soobin’s birthday falls on 5 December! A very happy birthday to the adorable bunny!



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