TXT’s Soobin Breaks Down In Tears During An Online Fan Meeting

This MOA knew exactly what to say!

During a recent fan meeting, TXT‘s Soobin was so overwhelmed when talking to one of his fans that he couldn’t help but burst into tears!

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TXT recently came back with their song “LO$ER=LO♡ER” and have been doing fan meetings through video calls to keep in touch with their MOAs.

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One international MOA began their call by sharing that this was their 4th time chatting with Soobin! They then reminded him of one of their past meetings.

Hey Soobin. This is the 4th time I’m seeing you. Back when we met for the 2nd time, I asked if we could play a game of cham-cham-cham. I’m still not over your reaction, it made me so happy. And I thank you for that.

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This was referring to an adorable round of Cham-Cham-Cham from 2020 that the MOA also uploaded to their Twitter.

The fan then expressed respect and admiration for Soobin as the leader of TXT, sharing how impressed they were with his maturity.

I don’t know if you’ll remember me, but that doesn’t really matter. Here’s what does matter: Thank you so much for being a good leader to the team since debut. I am so lucky to have found you, Soobin. You’re still young, but you’re so mature when it comes to acting as a leader. It makes me proud. You’re always so considerate of others and it’s so cool. Thank you for protecting your members and MOAs.

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While the interaction had been incredibly heartwarming, what eventually brought tears to Soobin’s eyes was the concern and compassion this MOA showed about his well-being, even reminding him that he isn’t alone.

But I wish you wouldn’t suffer alone. Remember you have me and other MOAs by your side. All you have to do is stay healthy and happy. We love to see you smile—especially with those cute dimples of yours! Promise me that you’ll smile a lot and stay healthy and happy.

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These words left Soobin speechless. Before ending the call, he attempted to wave goodbye before tearfully covering his face again.

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Soobin has been very open about his struggles so it’s heartwarming to see his MOAs supporting him in this way. To check out TXT’s recent comeback, “LO$ER=LO♡ER”, check out the video below:

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