TXT’s Soobin Isn’t Afraid To Get Brutally Honest About The Group’s Career Goals

He gave the most straightforward answer.

TXT is ready to grace the cover of the Esquire Korea February issue, sporting Gucci’s 2023 Summer/Spring collection. Each member will get their individual cover, along with a group version.

Before the February issue comes out, TXT released some of the pictorials and interview snippets, showing off their unique charms. In the snippet, the group’s leader, Soobin, answered a short but loaded question. He was asked about the goal of TXT in terms of career.

Now, this is not a new question for the group. Back in 2019, when the members were asked about their future goals during an interview, Yeonjun said he wanted TXT to hold a solo concert in the near future. But Soobin’s answer was less career-focused. He answered, “I’ve said this a lot before, but I don’t care about records or results. What I want is for our members to promote happily together with our fans for a long, long time. Of course, results are important, but I think our happiness is what’s most important. Let’s be happy for a long, long time.”

TXT members talking about their goals in 2019

More than three years have passed since that interview, and it looks like Soobin’s outlook as an artist has evolved as well. In the Esquire interview, Soobin gave a pretty transparent answer that his group’s goal is to win a Daesang.

In the past, I used to say things like “happiness” or “health” but at some point, the members’ ambitions grew a lot. I think our motivation keeps increasing and as a leader, I should try and live up to the expectations of the members.

—Soobin, Esquire Korea

The TXT leader also added that the reason why his group has grown ambitious is their seniors, BTS. He candidly admitted, “We want to become a group that follows the footsteps of BTS sunbaenim.”

| @BTS_official/Twitter

Ever since their debut, TXT have never shied away from admitting they look up to their seniors and want to follow in their footsteps to create their own artistic legacy. Now that they have spelled out their goal for this year, fans are ready to work and support the idols to achieve it.

TXT will be releasing their new mini album, THE NAME CHAPTER: TEMPTATION, on January 27, KST.