TXT Soobin’s Impact On BTS’s Jimin And Suga Is Stronger Than ARMYs Thought

The BTS members learned a few tricks from Soobin 😂

BTS‘s Suga recently released a new video, Road To ARMY, where he reviewed his promotional checklist for his recently released album, D-DAY.

BTS Suga’s “D-DAY” concept photo | @agustd/Instagram

As Suga pondered what he could do to make these promotions memorable for ARMYs, he landed on one element that would make his solo comeback meaningful; fan events.

This year, Jimin became the first BTS member to host a video call fan sign event for his FACE solo promotions, and now it’s Suga’s turn.

Before Jimin’s fan sign event, Suga had suggestions for the younger member that were influenced by TXT Soobin‘s participation in the “Sorry I’m Cute” challenge during TXT’s video call fan sign.

To prepare for his own video call fan sign event, Suga created a fan sign boot camp in his Road To ARMY video.

Suga began by practicing his signature, making sure it wasn’t just a “simple smudge left behind by ink” in order to confirm that he was “also sending [his] love to the love ARMY’s expressed to [him].

The next step in his preparations was training for the popular video call fan sign event.

Suga practiced everything from entering the screen to sitting down and how he would look into the camera.

He then hilariously began to prepare for ARMYs to request he participate in video challenges and enthusiastically started rehearsing a challenge in front of the camera.

Jimin then appeared to hilariously coach Suga through “intimidation,” making him repeat the challenge over and over again.

ARMYs didn’t realize how deeply ingrained Soobin’s “Sorry I’m Cute” challenge was in Suga and Jimin’s heads.

Netizens hilariously reacted to Jimin and Suga’s intense fan call practice and Soobin’s influence on their training.

Check out where Soobin’s influence began in the article below!

TXT’s Soobin Inspires Suga To Nominate One BTS Member For The “I’m Sorry For Being Cute” Challenge

Source: YouTube
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