A Fan Spots TXT’s Soobin At KARA’s Fan Meeting And Gushes Over His IRL Visuals

When you’re a fanboy but can’t help serving visuals:

Although TXT‘s Soobin is a major fanboy of the veteran group KARA, he earned praise from netizens for the reason he initially kept it a secret.


Following KARA’s reunion performance that made Soobin cry, he was no longer shy about supporting the group. Not only did he become a successful fanboy by getting recognized by them, but he was spotted attending the group’s fan meeting.

To celebrate fifteen years since their debut, KARA held their Move Again fan meeting in Seoul. A fan at the event happened to spot Soobin outside the venue, wearing an all-black outfit and a mask.

| @wednes4725/Twitter

Soobin was in full fanboy mode. Although the photo was blurry, the idol was seen holding KARA’s lightstick and banner. The fan even shared their account of seeing Soobin up close.

| @wednes4725/Twitter

Despite not being a TXT fan, they gushed about Soobin being even more handsome in real life than he appeared online. They also revealed that Soobin couldn’t stay for the entire fan meeting.

Choi Soobin actually came to KARA’s concert, guys. But he left so earlyㅠ so I only got a photo of his back.. He’s so good looking af in real life

— KARA Fan

Not only are Soobin’s visuals so unreal that non-fans can’t help but praise him, but he’s such a KARA fanboy that he’ll show up for an event despite his busy schedule.

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