TXT’s Soobin Gets Real About Why He Hid His KARA Fanboy Status For Years, Earning Praise From Netizens

“… I avoided saying anything.”

TXT‘s Soobin was an adorably relatable fanboy when legendary 2nd-gen K-Pop group KARA reunited and made their first comeback in seven years with the 2022 mini-album, Move Again.

(From left to right) KARA’s Nicole, Jiyoung, Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Youngji during their 2022 comeback promotions | @young_g_hur/Instagram

KARA surprised fans with news of the reunion, which included former members Nicole and Jiyoung, in celebration of their 15th anniversary. The group officially disbanded three years before their superfan, TXT’s Soobin, made his debut, so the unexpected reunion was likely a delightful surprise for him as well.

Soobin has admitted his love for the group since elementary school on multiple occasions, but he wasn’t always so vocal about it, and he explains why in his recent feature with Weverse Magazine.

TXT’s Soobin | @weverseofficial/Twitter

TXT’s leader is the second group member to release an exclusive interview with Weverese Magazine to support TXT’s recent “Sugar Rush Ride” promotions.

While discussing the “certain kind of love that can only exist between a singer and their fans,” naturally, the topic of his own admiration for KARA came up.

I never thought I’d get to see [KARA] perform again so I almost teared up. I was so happy seeing how much they enjoyed being back up on stage. They were part of the reason that I liked K-pop and had a dream of becoming a singer when I was a kid.

— Soobin

With their recent comeback, Soobin has understandably been more vocal about his Kamilia (KARA’s fandom name) status. The interviewer, Lee Jiyeon, asked the TXT leader why he hadn’t brought it up often before now, and his answer showed his thoughtful personality.

| Weverse Magazine

He shared that since the group was inactive until recently, he felt that bringing them up while they weren’t actively promoting would be inconvenient for them.

I thought the members of KARA might feel uncomfortable when I brought them up. I have such great memories of them but I thought it might be a little rude and could be off-putting to their members if their name was put out there because of me so I avoided saying anything.

— Soobin

He further went on to sweetly say that once they began to promote actively, he took full advantage of being able to reveal his Kamilia status.

But I wanted to help them now that they made a comeback, even if it was just a little help by talking about them once to promote them. (laughs) It was kind of tough not talking about them all the way up to now.

— Soobin

Fans couldn’t help reacting to Soobin’s thoughtful answer and actions, sharing their love for the TXT leader’s sweet personality.

In a separate interview on KBS Cool FM‘s Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show, Soobin revealed his KARA bias for the first time, and it’s none other than their beloved member Seungyeon.

Seungyeon candidly spoke of her first meeting with Soobin and further revealed his status as a true fan and his kind personality. Check out what she had to say in the article below!

One Of Seungyeon’s “Top 3” Moments From KARA’s Comeback Is Thanks To TXT’s Soobin

Source: Weverse Magazine

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