TXT’s Soobin Gets Praised For His Flawless Korean Language Skills

Even Koreans get these wrong commonly.

You might still be prone to minor grammatical errors even if you’re Korean. Given the sensitive nature of spacings between words in the language system, Korean students take language lessons growing up. Even after they become adults, it is rare to find someone with perfect grammar and spacing!

TXT‘s Soobin is one of the special ones. Fans begun to notice that he never fails to type with flawless grammar. It is common for people to not leave spacings between “-geo” and the word before it, as it is more of a suffix that turns something into an item or subject. Soobin did not disappoint!

We just ended choreography lessons so we look scruffy LOL. Instead, I’ll upload something else.” | Weverse

He proved it was not a fluke by repeating the same suffix correctly.

I did it awkwardly on purpose to make things fun!” | Weverse

Some word endings, “bat-chim,” are easy to confuse with each other. For example, “-wae” endings are often confused with “-dwoe” endings, especially for the words “dwae” and “dwoe.” Although they mean the same, the endings differ according to the grammar tense. Soobin always used the right ones!

It’s a relief, and I’m thankful that you found out better late than never. Goodnight!” | Weverse

Fans were full of praise for him!

| Nate Pann
  • “After seeing other male idols crap with ‘fwound out,’ seeing him type ‘found out,’ I feel at peace.”
  • “Are the fans of groups whose grammar was all over the place pressing dislike on the post? What’s with the dislikes?”
  • “Idk about all that, but Soobin speaks so prettily… Seems like he loves his fans. Seeing the dates on the posts, he communicates with them pretty often.”
  • “Sopbin has always kept the right grammar consistently since his debut days.”

We love a smart king!

Source: Nate Pann


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