TXT’s Soobin Proves To Be A True Fanboy Of Bebe Rexha At The Recent 2022 AMAs

Soobin was acting like MOAs when they see TXT!

TXT has some extremely loyal fans across the world who are always there to showcase their love and support for the group. When watching the boys live, interacting with the members, or buying their items, MOAs love flaunting why they’re “Fan Goals.”

Yet, TXT’s Soobin recently proved that he’s truly a successful fanboy at the recent American Music Awards.

TXT’s Soobin | @TXT_members/Twitter

Since debuting, Soobin has never been afraid to show his love for Western artist Bebe Rexha, whether it’s through social media, live broadcasts, and interviews.

Bebe Rexha | @BebeRexha/Twitter

On November 20 (local time), TXT attended the American Music Awards and wowed netizens with their visuals on the Red Carpet.

From Left to Right: Soobin, Hueningkai, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, Taehyun | American Music Awards

Yet, even before the ceremony started, Soobin wasn’t afraid of showcasing his love for Bebe Rexha. When an interviewer mentioned Bebe Rexha performing at the event, Soobin’s inner fanboy was released, as he replied, “I can’t wait. I am so happy today.”

When it came to the performance itself, MOAs were lucky as Soobin’s hair stood out from the crowd. It meant that they could see how excited Soobin was during the performance.

| @MOAbalancegame/Twitter 

Even when it finished, Soobin was seen continuing to clap very loudly and passionately even after those around him had stopped.

| @MOAbalancegame/Twitter

After the ceremony, the members did a surprise live broadcast where they chatted about the event and their feelings.

| Weverse

In particular, during the broadcast, Soobin made MOAs so excited when he described his emotions when watching Bebe Rexha perform. Although he explained he’s normally the kind of person just to enjoy the performance, as soon as Bebe Rexha came on, he took 30 pictures.

| Weverse 

After the ceremony and the live broadcast, TXT’s Soobin took to social media to showcase just how much of a fanboy he was. In the tweet, Soobin shared his love for the singer and how excited he was to watch the singer, even adding his desire to meet her next time.

Finally I saw @BebeRexha!!!

After watching your performamce, I was so amazed and now I can blissfully sleep well🥺
Next time, lets definitely have a meet and greet plz…!


If that wasn’t enough, he shared some of those “30” pictures on the tweet and it definitely seemed like it was taken by a fan. Some MOAs even joked in the comments with some advice on how Soobin could improve his shots.

| @TXT_Members/Twitter
| @TXT_Members/Twitter
| @TXT_Members/Twitter

Of course, netizens and MOAs were high-key obsessed with Soobin’s behaviour.

TXT’s Soobin might be one of the biggest and most popular idols, but that doesn’t stop him from being a fan.

You can read more about TXT at the awards show below.

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