Netizens Can’t Get Over TXT’s Interactions With Sabrina Carpenter And GAYLE At The 2022 AMAs

MOAs manifested these interactions!

TXT made their AMAs debut at The 2022 American Music Awards (also known as The 50th annual American Music Awards), having received a nomination for a new category on the award show, “Favorite K-Pop Artist.”

MOAs (TXT fans) anticipated the celebrity interactions, knowing many of their favorites would be there. They especially hoped that the group would meet American pop icons Sabrina Carpenter and Taylor Swift.

On the red carpet ahead of the awards ceremony, TXT even spilled on which celebrities they hoped to meet, such as legendary American singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder, singer-songwriter Charlie Puth, and American pop-rock band Imagine Dragons.

At the event, TXT reunited with American singer GAYLE. They previously met in July at 2022 Lollapalooza as they were both headliners. They even filmed a TikTok lipsyncing to her hit song “abcdefu.”


ran into @TOMORROW X TOGETHER backstage at @Lollapalooza

♬ abcdefu – GAYLE

Now, a few months later, TXT and GAYLE met again. Fans in the audience spotted them catching up.

They also took a cute photo together!

Still, MOAs were hoping GAYLE had introduced TXT to Taylor Swift, knowing the songstresses were sitting together. The TXT members even were excited to see Swift, proving to be total fanboys.

While GAYLE might not have introduced Taylor Swift to TXT, she did introduce Sabrina Carpenter to the boys! GAYLE led Carpenter to the members who were sitting nearby, and they spoke briefly.

So, we got one of the interactions we had so hoped for! The “It Girl” meets the “4th Gen It Boys.”

MOAs couldn’t be more excited. It’s like we all manifested it!

Now, we just need a Sabrina Carpenter and TXT collab. Knowing what a K-Pop fan she is, we know she’d be so up for it!

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