TXT’s Taehyun Reunites With Dear Friend ENHYPEN’s Heeseung

They came together for a heartwarming reason.

During the airing of I-LAND, ENHYPEN‘s Heeseung revealed that he trained with TXT and opened up about how hard it was not to debut with them.

When it was announced that he’d finally make his debut, the members of TXT were right there to cheer him on. In fact, Taehyun was among the members who showed the most excitement.

Even though Heeseung and Taehyun couldn’t be a part of the same group, Big Hit Labels2021 New Year’s Eve Live brought both of the friends on stage together for a beautiful performance dedicated to the late singer Shin Hae Chul.

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To celebrate Heeseung and Taehyun reuniting again, the two snapped a few sweet photos to show off their close friendship.

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Some even noted that the two may have even spent some quality time together while rehearsing for the performance.

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Either way, the fact that the two had come so far from being trainees to idols together made fans of both groups love their reunion even more.

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Although fans are hoping to see even more of their heartwarming friendship, these lovely photos will have to hold everyone over.

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