TXT’s Taehyun Shares How BTS Helped Them Prepare For Their “DNA” Cover At SBS Gayo Daejeon

The relationship between the two BIGHIT groups are enviable.

TXT recently stole many hearts with their impeccable live cover of BTS‘s “DNA” at the 2022 SBS Gayo Daejeon. From the stage presence down to every little move, the junior artists bodied every aspect of the song so well that even non-fans couldn’t help but shower praises. It turns out BTS members themselves helped their hoobaes (juniors) to get to that point!

A fan recently uploaded a post on TXT’s fan forum on Weverse, praising the boys’ performance. They mentioned how every time the group does a cover, they add their flavor and yet emulate the charm of the original.

| Weverse

I’m so satisfied everytime you do a cover…It’s the original song with TXT’s own unique vibe to it. I love it.

— A fan’s post on Weverse

TXT member Taehyun took notice of the post and decided to reply with a lengthy breakdown of how his group actually prepared for the cover.


Taehyun mentioned that while they were practicing for “DNA,” Son Sungdeuk, the lead performance director of BIGHIT MUSIC, was not in Korea. So, the TXT members practiced it by themselves with the performance directing team.

BIGHIT MUSICs performance director Son Sungdeuk | @sonsungdeuk?Instagram

But they had some extra help from the original artists themselves. Since the two groups’ members often run into each other at the label, they had many opportunities to ask their seniors for help, which the BTS members happily complied with. They also monitored their rehearsal videos and gave feedback.

| Weverse

Teacher Sungdeuk was not in Korea this time so the members learned it themselves with the performance directing team and whenever we met the (BTS) hyungs at the company, we’d ask them about the details and show them our videos to get feedback from them. That’s how we prepared for this performance haha.

— Taehyun

It is a pretty known fact by now that BTS and TXT share a very close relationship as senior and junior artists from the same label. This anecdote once again proved the mutual respect and love the two groups harbor for each other. People are even more amazed by the perfectionism of TXT. Though it was a cover performance, they took care of every single detail and bodied it with their unique flavor!

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