TXT’s Yeonjun Asks His Inspiration, DEAN, To Please Release More Music

He said what’s on every DEAN fan’s mind!

TXT‘s Yeonjun is a huge fan of the alternative R&B singer DEAN and is waiting excitedly for him to release new music!

Yeonjun from TXT. | @txt_members/Twitter

During an appearance on the podcast Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam, Yeonjun spoke about how DEAN inspired him as an artist.

As soon as I entered the company, I got so much inspiration from DEAN. He helped me a lot in making my vocal style!

— Yeonjun

Yeonjun (left) and Taehyun (right). | DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube 

Eric Nam asked Yeonjun what his favorite DEAN song is, but Yeonjun couldn’t pick just one! The first DEAN song he listened to was the artist’s 2015 hit “I’m Not Sorry.” Yeonjun said the song “shocked” him when he first heard it!

Yeonjun also said “Bonnie & Clyde” was “just crazy,” which Eric agreed to. Yeonjun kept going, listing “what2do” and “Howlin’ 404” before Eric said, “Basically all his songs, huh?

Eric Nam. | DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube 

That got a chuckle out of Yeonjun who agreed that he loves every single one of DEAN’s songs. He even said, “There’s no song of him that I haven’t listened to.”

| DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube 

Eric took the time to look into the camera and ask DEAN directly: “Please make more songs for us, DEAN.

| DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube 

Yeonjun and Taehyun chimed in to ask as well! Yeonjun said, “Please. I’ve been waiting for a year!”

| DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube 

The three artists emphasized that they were asking DEAN as fans. Taehyun added, “There are lots of people waiting.

| DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube 

While DEAN hasn’t released any new solo material since his 2019 single “Howlin’ 404,” he has featured on numerous songs by other artists. His most recent feature was on IU‘s 2021 album Lilac for the song “Troll.”

Check out the full podcast episode below!

Source: DIVE Studios Podcasts and TXT


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