TXT’s Yeonjun Is Going Viral After His Unexpected Reaction To A Fanboy At A Recent Fan Event

Fanboys are really winning in life!

Since debuting in 2019, TXT has quickly seen their fanbase grow, and with each comeback, they get stronger as they showcase why they’re all true all-rounders.

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Recently, TXT’s Yeonjun gained attention for his iconic reaction to a male fanboy at a fan meeting.

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Although female fans are known for being vocal, male K-Pop stans are just as passionate. Over the years, idols like BTS‘s V, SF9‘s Rowoon, and SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan (to name a few) have had to most iconic reactions to fanboys.


Recently, TXT released their latest album and song, “Sugar Rush Ride,” and the video for their song unsurprisingly sent the internet into meltdown. Throughout the song, the members showcased their talent, charisma, and visuals.

After the song’s release, the members met with fans, and it was adorable to see the group interacting with fans.


In particular, it melted the hearts of fans after a fan revealed TXT pushed for an indoor fan meeting because they were worried that moas would feel too cold outside.

In one clip that is quickly going viral on social media, the members were doing some cute poses for fans when a male fan suddenly shouted, “YOU’RE REALLY CUTE.”

While all the members were shocked by the sudden deep and loud voice, they had the cutest reaction as they burst into laughter. Youngest members Heuningkai and Taehyun, quickly thanked the fan for their love.

Yet, it was Yeonjun’s reaction that was truly iconic. After hearing the comment, it seemed like the idol was trying to find the fan, and after finally spotting him,Β Yeonjun said, “I love you,” before shouting, “I love you,” even louder for the male fan to hear.

He then blew the fan a passionate kiss and finger heart.

When the video was shared by an international fan, the quotes were full of extremely excited MOAs who were obsessed with Yeonjun’s reaction.

As always, idols will always find a way to reciprocate the love their receive from fans.

You can read more about the comeback below.

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