TXT’s Yeonjun Wants Fans To Skip The New Episode Of “Suchwita” But It’s Not What You Think

It’s only making fans want to watch it even more.

Ever since the teaser for the new Suchwita episode revealed TXT members Yeonjun and Taehyun to be the next guests on the show, fans have been excited to witness the interaction between them and the host, BTS’s Suga. Though it is well-established now that BTS are very close as seniors to TXT, it is the first time fans will get to see their dynamic on camera like this.

But Yeonjun took fans by surprise on April 10, KST, when he went on Weverse and asked MOA (TXT’s fandom name) to skip the Suchwita episode! While replying to a fan’s post, Yeonjun said he was a little “anxious” about something and then spammed with several comments explaining the reason. But nobody was ready for the absolute chaos that was coming.

| @yawnzzn/Instagram

Yeonjun asked fans to go to bed by 10 pm on April 11, the same time the new Suchwita episode is supposed to air on YouTube. Though he didn’t name the show directly, he said, recently he was on a program he really loves a lot but doesn’t even remember filming it!

The TXT member revealed that he actually passed out from being completely hammered during the filming, so much so that he doesn’t even remember how he got to his dorm room from the set. He added that since he couldn’t remember anything from his appearance on the show, he couldn’t even give a spoiler to fans if he wanted to.

When another fan asked Taehyun how Yeonjun was on Suchwita, he revealed that this might be the first-ever episode where they couldn’t film an outro. He said he is curious to see how they decide to end the episode after the final edits.

As if all of this build-up wasn’t enough, the most recent To Do X TXT episode also showed a glimpse of Yeonjun on Suchwita, with the members teasing him about becoming a “puppy” after meeting Suga hyung. Fans guessed Huening Kai was laughing so hard at the joke because the group’s madhyung probably came home wasted.

As much as Yeonjun wants to direct people away from watching him get drunk out of control on the show, his little spamming spree, along with Taehyun’s spoiler, has got fans only more excited. While waiting to witness the hilarity that must have ensued from an overly drunk Yeonun, AMRYs and MOAs have joined hands to joke about the hypothetical situation with hilarious tweets.

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