TXT’s Huening Kai Reveals He Misses MOAs And Watches Old Videos To Hear Their Voices

The pandemic has changed everything.

With COVID-19 changing the way K-Pop idols interact with fans, TXT’s Huening Kai gives his honest thoughts about the pandemic and how he’s dealing with the new normal.

In a recent Weverse magazine interview, Huening Kai talked about their new album.

I bet when you extend your hand out for “Cuz of Imagination” you imagine you can hear the voices of the fans.

We really wanted to make that part the climax of the song that makes everyone get up and dance. The song stops and starts back up again at that part and I felt that it would be great to have the fans’ shouts during that part. I watch old performance videos to hear our fans’ voices when I am having a hard time. The voices of our fans can be heard in those videos.

— Huening Kai

“We Lost the Summer” is about losing our daily life due to COVID-19. What changes have you had in your daily life.

I can feel the changes when I am performing on stage, but not so much in my daily life. I’m usually not the type to go outside. But, because we can’t go outside and have to stay at home all the time, it does feel like life is getting a bit repetitive. It feels like time has stopped. So I’m practicing the piano again these days. I am currently practicing an easy song called “Flower Dance”, but I haven’t played it in awhile so I am practicing it again.

— Huening Kai

There must be a lot of gratitude and love towards your fans in your diary. What kind of stage would you like to show your fans when you meet again?

First, I’d like to greet everyone in a loud voice and say, “Hello, we are Tomorrow X Together.” Then we would introduce ourselves one by one. I would say, “It’s been awhile. We are finally able to meet again. It is me Huening Kai, who has returned after several months.”

— Huening Kai

I would also dance like my body is breaking. And I would like to sing “Sweat” as our encore song. The song is about all the sweat and tears that were made in order for us to debut. I think about the past and it makes me tear up a little. At the end, the members sing all together and it would be amazing to have MOAs sing all together with us. It would really make me burst into tears.

— Huening Kai

TXT recently released their new EP minisode1 : Blue Hour on October 26 with their title track “Blue Hour.”

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